Why start building a website during a pandemic?

It’s understandably very difficult to feel productive about anything during a pandemic. Your world has been thrown upside down, daily activities have ground to a halt, and you’ve got to be vigilant about your health and the wellbeing of others around you.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Many people are taking this time to reflect upon themselves, whether it be learning a new hobby or taking up a new sport and diet regime. Some people are also choosing to start a new digital venture, such as building a website.

There are many benefits to building a website during a time such as a pandemic. We’ve outlined just a few to prove why there’s no better time than now.

Online shopping is increasing exponentially

While we were already heavily internet-orientated as a society before the pandemic hit, that’s nothing compared to the levels of net-surfing now. Data shows that online shopping has increased for both big-chain and independent sellers, making now an ideal time for budding entrepreneurs to get some wares together and an e-commerce website up-and-running.

Hobby exploration is becoming more popular

If an e-commerce website isn’t what you had in mind, why not try creating a small brochure website to blog your latest hobby? With nothing to do, people all around the world are trying out new things and documenting them across a variety of platforms. Get ahead of the curve of other bloggers by creating your brochure website now, so when people search for insight and advice on the hobby you’re undertaking, your site is what they’ll find.

Let your customers know that you’re still going!

During the coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult to keep in touch with your clients, especially if you’re used to face to face interaction in a more traditional environment. By seeking the advice of a web design professional, they will be able to build you a new website that is perfect for the ‘new normal’. With almost unlimited availability of different functions, the web design team can build you a new website that will allow you to interact with your clients, update them on your business, let them book in online meetings with yourself and potentially even build a click and collect system to allow your business to carry on operating. The pandemic really is no reason to stop communicating with your clients, and if anything, a great opportunity to open up different channels.

If you decide that you want to build a website and are looking for custom website design, choose The Studio Group. We’re a logo design agency that offers quality website design Wolverhampton locals and beyond can rely on. Browse our website for a full breakdown of services today, or else get in touch.

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