Seven tips on how digital marketing can help your business during a crisis

Digital marketing is a hugely popular tool among businesses across the globe and with the versatility it offers, along with its worldwide audience, value for money, immediacy and opportunities for measuring success, it’s easy to see why.

But digital marketing can really come into its own in times of crisis. Whether that’s a global crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic, or crisis management related to your particular business or wider industry, the right strategy can be incredibly effective.

Your website and social media channels will likely be the primary channels to speak with your audience, so ensure all are up to date and optimised, ready for when you most need them. A web development agency or creative branding agency will be able to support you with this if you don’t have the skills in-house.

Here are seven tips on how digital marketing can help your business during a crisis.

1) Effective communication

Digital marketing can enable you to easily communicate with both your own audience and the wider public. This allows you to control the output of your key messaging, in terms of both content and timing, telling your audience how you are approaching the situation, how you can help them and what they can do to support themselves.

2) Immediate response

The nature of digital platforms means that you’re able to issue communications swiftly in response to a situation and reach your audience immediately. This can occasionally be perilous if you rush communications without thoroughly checking your messaging, but when speed is combined with quality, it can impress and reassure your audience.

3) Adaptability and innovation

The creative opportunities offered by digital marketing mean your business can demonstrate great adaptability and innovation in times of crisis. Whether it’s providing an online platform to meet with customers, reinventing your service or moving to an e-commerce platform, clients will be impressed by innovative strategies in difficult times.

4) Reaching new customers

If a crisis hits your business or industry, it could prove a good time to market your brand to new customers who may otherwise have not engaged with you or even known of your existence. It may be that they are looking for news on your industry, or in a global pandemic situation, people may be searching for activities outside of their usual comfort zones to keep themselves occupied.

5) Opportunity to give a positive impression

The way you respond to a crisis can be excellent PR for your brand should you get the tone, content and timing right.

6) Supporting your community

Digital marketing can help support your community, whether physical or online. Not only does this give a favourable impression of your brand, but it can also help reach new audiences and markets.

7) Boosting brand loyalty

By providing a positive impression both with your current market and any new audiences, you can create trust and brand loyalty. Whether you are finding ways to support your local community, provide free or cheap services to engage people, or simply provide informative, reassuring or humorous content, good digital marketing can leave a lasting legacy.

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